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HUM FM 106.2
Pure Music
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HUM FM 106.2

Hum FM 106.2 could be a personal FM station, broadcasting severally from Pakistan and therefore the United Arab Emirates. Hum FM's major programming embody a combination of Pakistani and Indian music similarly as live cricket statement. Hum FM 106.2 is in hand by Shamal Media Services and began its regular transmission in 2005 Launched on first March 1998, HUM 106.2 is that the first DESI FM station within the UAE .. HUM 106.2...We were the primary, we tend to area unit the long run listen Hum FM 106.2 live streaming to the most effective music, to participate within the most attention-grabbing contests, to win motion-picture show tickets for all latest films and to urge all the recent gossips from Bollywood.....stay tuned to HUM 106.2... Pure Music!!