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About KBRZ AM 1460 -Houston

SANGEET RADIO SHOW on KBRZ AM 1460 -Houston is that the most well-liked radio program of roughly 250,000 sturdy South Asian Community in Houston, since its origin in might 1997. it's the longest operative show of our progressive community. SANGEET RADIO SHOW on KBRZ AM-1460 is proud to be the simplest supply of recreation and knowledge throughout the prime restful time from 1p.m. to 6p.m. on weekdays. The program is additionally detected worldwide at the colourful South Asian Community is totally tuned into our show throughout these hours. Listen SANGEET RADIO SHOW live streaming on KBRZ AM 1460 -Houston that is conferred by one in all the foremost skillful and artistic entrepreneurs of the community, Mr. Saeed Bashir cushion. He has established himself as a pacesetter within the community similarly. At KBRZ Sports Radio on KBRZ AM 1460 -Houston offer quality coverage of our native sports programs, tailored to support the native communities of southeast American state. Our media services include: radio and net broadcast development, talent, training, development and management of websites, specialised media and company partner programs.