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About Sanskar Radio

Sanskar Radio is that the latest addition to the Sabras combine, adding to the variability of programmes that square measure already on supply. The aims of Hindu Sanskar Radio square measure to boost cultural, social, religious, instructional and economical awareness among ethnic listeners through program production. Twenty 2 folks square measure concerned within the running of the cluster, four of whom square measure committee members, and every one the folks concerned square measure volunteers. Listen Hindu Sanskar Radio live Streaming online to enjoy programmes cater for men, ladies and kids, young and recent. every program aims to help the community members World Health Organization have very little insight of the Hindu religion and faith, also as broadening the data of these World Health Organization square measure attentive to Hinduism, and will be followers of it. every kind of spiritual Hindu music square measure featured throughout each show. Language : Gujarâtî Contact : Sanskar Radio Radio House sixty three Melton Road Leicester LE4 6PN +44 (0) 116 261 0106